“I have regularly used Ann Marie’s services over the past 4 years working as a Snr Account Executive with Oracle Digital. My role involves meeting with large enterprise clients to showcase the value that Oracle's high-end solutions can bring to their business. Suits and ties are considered a little too rigid for the tech industry so having Ann Marie’s guidance is crucial to ensure I come across as credible, innovative and professional in my sales executive role. I have found Ann Marie to be both practical and persistent during our sessions, and crucially always made me feel comfortable both during the process itself, and the outfits she selected for me. I would highly recommend Ann Marie”


       Liam Og McGovern,

       Senior Account Executive,



“My time with Annmarie was such a positive and rewarding experience. Her brief was to update my working wardrobe to incorporate more stylish pieces that add colour and flair to my everyday look. I have been avoiding shopping for a long time with a change in body shape and not knowing what suits me anymore, but Annmarie was so comfortable to be around and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, and I’m so glad she did! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”


     Orna Kennelly

     Office Events and Project Manager,


“ Whilst I don’t work in a corporate or business environment, it is still important for me to dress smartly, particularly at race meetings when I am interacting with owners, trainers and the public. Some race courses have dress codes too so I have to ensure that I abide by it. I also do TV and corporate events from time to time, where the dress code may vary. I consult with Annmarie before all big race meetings and any public speaking events, particularly if it’s on TV. I can say that Annmarie is very patient, practical, and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I have been using her to style me for as long as I can remember, and will continue to do so”

     Michael Fogarty

     Professional Jockey 

“AnnMarie has the perfect mix of professionalism, creativity and kindness which allows her to build a fantastic raport with her client whilst getting the job done. I gave Anne-Marie a specific brief, specific budget and she really exceeded my expectation”


     Claire Jennings

     Key Account Manager,